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Don't Sit In Jail I Go Bail !!!!!
Why use Amy Sword Bail Bonds LLC?
Clients repeatedly compliment us on our professionalism, which they don't expect from a bail bondsman. This extra customer service focus helps the defendant and family endure an already challenging situation. All of our bondsmen are licensed, expertly trained and highly professional.

Caring and Professional Bail Bondsman Service
We are a reputable, family-owned business that has provided bail bonds to 11 Counties in West Virginia since 1998. We are also a proud member of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States.  
With our strategic network of bail bond agents and our superior technology, we can immediately service the following counties in West Virginia:  Putnam, Mason, Jackson, Wayne, Mingo, Boone, Calhoun, Roane, Logan, Lincoln, and Cabell.

How much is bail in West Virginia?
In West Virginia, like most states, the cost of a bail bond is set by law. So as a consumer the fee for the bail bond is set at 10% of the full bail. So let’s say, for example, that we have a bond that is $2,000 then your cost should be 10% which is $200.

Keep in mind that these rates are non-negotiable and there shouldn’t be any hidden fees or taxes with the bail bond company that you use. The great thing about this is that it makes it easy for the consumers because as a consumer shopping for a bail bond, you don’t need to call 25 different bail bond companies and get 25 different rates. At our company you’re always going to get the state approved rate.

- All customers have a right to expect no surprises such as hidden fees, delays or gimmicks.
- All customers have a right to have the bail bond process fully explained to them.
- All customers have a right to understand their bail bond indemnitor responsibility.
- All customers have a right to work with a licensed bondsman who presents themselves professionally.

Beware of bonding companies that have multiple agencies in West Virginia
-There are bail bonding companies in West Virginia that operate multiple bail bonding agencies. These agencies have a reputation of going a bond for someone and a few weeks later putting the defendant back in jail for no apparent reason. The reason is their sister agency, which works for the same company, will get the information of the person that paid the bond the first time and will attempt to do the bond again and of course charge them the fee again.

We at Amy Sword Bail Bonds can assure you that we will remain on the defenant's bond throughout their court proceedings. We understand through this stressfull time the last thing you need to worry about is if the bonding company is going to stand behind you.
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Now Serving the following counties in WV:
Putnam, Mason, Jackson, Wayne, Mingo, Boone, Calhoun, Roane, Logan, Lincoln, and Cabell